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Why should I analyse my accounts?

Accounting analysis

Accounting analysis is something everyone should do, whether it is their personal accounts or business accounts. You should analyse your accounts to monitor where money comes from and goes to, so that you can target the right areas to increase the amount of money received, and monitor or reduce the amount of money you spend.

What are public accounting reports?

Public accounting reports

Most business entities, in particular not-for profit organizations, must issue public accounting report what displays income against expenditure. Primarily for taxation purposes and customer reference, are generated automatically by accounts software, saving you time and money on it.

What is accounting analysis?

Understanding accounting analysis

Accounting analysis is exactly what it sounds. To increase the profit of your business and reduce your overhead expenditure, you need to analyze your accounts to find out where the money comes from and where it goes to; MAS accounting software offers a variety of features to help achieve comprehensive accounting analysis for small businesses. For example, you can receive monthly sales history reports by customer by produce line by item, and by sales person by customer.

What are managerial accounting reports?

Managerial accounting reports

Managerial accounting reports covers a number of different features, all of which are designed to help businesses determine their efficiency and success. A managerial accounting report offered by most business accounting software, for example, is the inventory turnover report, which based on the last four months, displays sales and current inventory on hand. Showing by part number the quantity of sales order, back order, quantity available, quantity sold in the last four months, dollar sales to date, and prior year sales, this report is one that helps you monitory your inventory levels and ensure customer satisfaction, which a part is ordered, you will know immediately if you have it and you are less likely to have run out.

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