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Why custom software?

Customizing Your Software

When you realize you need to customize your accounting software, you have several options to consider before moving forward with the project.

1. Do you only need customization of specific fields to make the software more user friendly and industry specific?
2. Do you have limited development resources and need something like a customization module to walk you through the process?
3. Do you need to incorporate industry specific charting, terminology or accounting standards?
4. Do you need access to the source code?
5. Do you have some development resources that could use a template application framework?

Once you have determined your resources and your needs, choosing a custom accounting software package will be considerable more straightforward.

What is custom software development?

Custom Software Development

Depending on your development resources and budget you may want to develop your own inhouse accounting software rather than buying a standard package. Consider though, that if you go with a modular software system with cusomizable features, you may lower the cost of the project.

A custom software tip: Consider three factors when deciding whether to buy a tool, or develop one yourself: Time, Features, Cost. If the cheaper cost of developing your own custom software is going to leave you with a long development time and fewer features then clearly, you are going to want to purchase a software tool.

How is the software customized to help my business?

Choosing Custom Business Software

Many businesses cannot use an out of the box accounting software solution due to the complex nature of their transactions or due to prior accounting systems that have been in place. This may make choosing an accounting software package challenging.

Custom business software allows businesses to select add-on packages for standard business accounting software. These add-ons help businesses with special functions, such as production management and industry specific accounting functions.

Why choose custom accounting software?

Why Choose Customized Accounting Software?

If you are in the weeds with your company accounting software, but management won't listen, you may need to make a case for the budget to buy a custom accounting software solution.

Not only should you quantify the amount of time you will save, but you may need to make a list of the benefits that new features will bring to the table.

There are many reasons to modify and enhance standard accounting software packages to tailor the package to the needs of your business, including:

* Data Imports and exports
* Data File Conversions
* Requirements for production of manufacturing or service based industries
* Customer service management
* Sales account management

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