Making a Sales Order Entry

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How do I make a sales order entry?

Making a Sales Order Entry

When you receive an order from a customer, you need to generate a sales order entry.

In order to ensure customer satisfaction you will need to have:
* The customer's mailing and shipping addresses
* Preferred carrier
* Delivery expectation
* # of availale units

With accounting software, when you make a sales order entry, all the information is available at your finger tips. When your software is set up correctly you can track:
* Pricing
* Quantity
* Customer pricing and volume discounts
* Costs
* Customer credit limits
* Credit card deposit information

The key is having all of this data without having to trawl through hundreds of records. After all, time is money, so the more time you save, the more money you make. Plus, the added features of the sales order software also allow you to generate reports to help you understand your accounts better.



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